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We use state-of-the-art technology in digital drawing and design, to generate power and telecommunications projects.

Topographic Drawings.


We use Autodesk-based State-of-the-Art 3D software, capable to create and manipulate engineering and topographic drawings.

With the use of analysis tools and 3D views, cut vs fill balance for the whole complex is achieved. Thus, all soil from the cut areas are applied in the fill areas, so no entry or outflow of additional material is needed



Data Conversion.

Data is obtained on the field with any topographic tool (GPS, Total Station, etc.), and then exported to a text file with a predefined format, in which each column represents a category (feature type, X, Y and Z coords, etc.)

By the use of AutoLisp programming, the software reads the field data line by line, translates the code and inserts every feature with their correct properties  (color, layer, linetype, etc.)


Deed Digitizing.

We digitize property tracts out from scanned deeds, based on each boundary line’s bearing and length, for Cadastral projects.

Digitalización de escrituras.


We work with Raster & Vector layers in GIS systems to produce transportation, cadastral and environmental projects

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2D & 3D Digital Production

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